Please see the list below for competitions in which Kristina and her teammates are planning on to compete. Please note that the schedule could change at any time. All home games are in blue.

 Date  Opponent/Event  Location  Time
 01/09/09  Utah  Salt Lake City, UT  6:00 PM PT
 01/18/09  Arizona  Home  2:00 PM PT
 01/23/09  Cal State Fullerton  Fullerton, CA  TBA
 01/25/09  California  Home  2:00 PM PT
 01/30/09  Arizona State  Tempe, AZ  TBA
 02/08/09  Stanford  Stanford, CA  TBA
 02/15/09  Wash, CSUF, Boise State  Home  2:00 PM PT
 02/20/09  Nebraska  Lincoln, NE  TBA
 02/27/09  Oregon State  Corvallis, OR  TBA
 03/08/09  Georgia  Home  2:00 PM PT
 03/15/09  Nebraska  Home  2:00 PM PT
 03/21/09  Pac-10 Championships  Stanford, CA  TBA
 04/04/09  NCAA Regionals  TBD  TBA
 04/16-18/09  NCAA Championships  Lincoln, NE  TBA

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