August 20, 2005

Hello everyone,

Everything around here has slowed down a lot since Championships, Whew! I'm very happy with the way things turned out. Even though I was very unhappy about beam. I hate how those stupid skills can just creep up on me sometimes when I compete! Other than beam, I feel great. I had to water down a little bit on floor and bars, because I didn't have much time to prepare from classics to championships. I also didn't do two vaults for that reason. I was extremely excited to make national team, especially after what happened last year. The whole week was a blast. It was great to see some people that I haven't seen in a while, because I have been hurt all year. The banquet after the meet on Saturday was a lot of fun too. It is hard to believe that this was my last championships. I feel like I'm getting so old, haha!

At the meeting the next morning I found out that I had qualified to the Worlds Selection Camp. I wasn't planning on attending, because I had no intention of deferring a semester of college. I have been looking forward to going to UCLA ever since my recruiting trip, and there was no way that I could wait another four months! I thought long and hard about what I really wanted, and I have decided to go to school and also go to the camp. I will train here until September 6, and then I will train at school until the camp. I will still train with my coaches now, and go to the camp with them. I feel like this is the best decision I could possible make, because I will never look back and wonder "what if..."

That is pretty much it for now. Thanks to everyone for the support!


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