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Updated August 2006

You travelled to so many countries through your gymnastics. Which were your favourites? Where would you like to visit in the future?

Also congratulations on being a bruin! I hope you have an amazing college experience. What are you studying? I just finished a graduate in finance. accounting. Who are your closest pals at UCLA on the gymnastics team?

I was a huge fan of yours throughout your elite career and we once wrote to each other adn you sent me a beautiful autographed photo so I wanted to say a big thank you!

Best wishes for hte new year
From Christina
P.S Have fun and keep smiling

Kristina: Hi Christina. I do remember you writing to me :) My favorite country that I have visited would definitely be Italy. I love the people there, the culture, and of course the history. I would like to visit Spain, England, and Greece in the future.

Thank you very much. I love college and most of all I absolutely love being a bruin!!! My first year was amazing and I know the years to come will be just as good if not better. I am not declared yet, but I'm looking into being a sociology major. I am very close with all of my teammates on the team, they are all like my family.

Thanks for all of your support over the years!!!!

I'm a level 9 gymnast at a nearby gym and I'm 13. This is my second year of 9, and I'm in the 7th grade. If, I want to go 10, which i have all of my skills except for my whip-double pike on floor, how can I become a successful level 10 next year?????? - Kadence

Kristina: Hi Kadence. Well first of all if the only thing you need is a whip-double pike on floor, then I would say you are pretty much set. One thing that was always a challenge and important for me in becoming a good level 10 is having a major release move on bars. Just keep working hard, conditioning, and working on your flexibility and there is no reason why you shouldn't be successful. The most important thing is hard work!

How exactly would one go about getting a website such as this? Who takes all of your pictures? Do you have a personal photographer? I downloaded your wallpaper and it is my computer background. I have an AIM buddy icon. I would get an avatar but I dont know what that is. Do you do your own website? Is it like a school project? how do you get this mail to write in pink font? I want that! I want pink font! I like your journals, they are informative and engaging. You are a good gymnastics flipper. I like flips. Maybe you can say to my favorite UCLA gymnastics person, Michelle Selesky? She is my favorite. And you. well, Kate too. I like gymnastics. I hope you can answer my questions and tell me how to do a triple sachow. I know thats figure skating but you should know anywawy. ok bye.

Kristina: I actually did not create my website, so I'm sorry I have no idea how they do it!! My dad takes some of the pictures, and then some professional photographers who attend the meets take them. I will definitely say hi to Michelle for you. I'm sorry I have no clue how to do a triple sachow. I was never very talented when it came to the ice :)

Hey Kristina, you said that you like all music but county. So I was wondering if you would ever listen to bands like Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings, or even Tech N9ne because they are NOT country. - Your Ninja, Timmy MCL!

Kristina: Hi Timmy, actually I don't listen to those bands. So, I guess there is more music that I don't like haha!

Where can we get that cool purple scrunchie that you're wearing in those pictures up top? We really like it! Please write us back. We love you!! - from reeg, Kate, and OC

Kristina:'s specially made. You can only get it if you order it. I'm sorry! If you want I can put in a special order for you and get one for the each of you! Love you too!!!!

Hello, my name is Julia and Im from sweden (eastland actually) Im 15 years old. I've been training gymnastic before but I have never learn me to do Twist you know.. så I asked if you can help me and tell How I gonna do double twist after roundoff, backspring ? Good luck anyway=)

Kristina: Hi! Well the first thing is you should make sure that you can do a full or a 1 1/2 first. When I was learning how to twist, my coach had me start out with a layout then do a layout jump 1/2 turn, then a 1/2 twist jump 1/2 turn, then a 1/1 jump half turn, and so on. This helps you be more aware of where you are in the air. Keep doing that every day and it should help you learn a 2/1. I hope this helps!!

I am a beginning gymnast, and I'm having trouble with the beam. I can do basic skills like a cartwheel and a handstand on a line on the floor and land on the line every time, but when I get on the beam, I get scared and fall off the beam. I know I can do it, because I can do it on the line, so how can I get over my fear of the actual beam? - from Maggie

Kristina: The first thing you have to do is start on a low beam or a high beam with mats stacked up. Every time I was learning a new skill and I was afraid, I would stack up the mats and just do the skill over and over like that for about a week or however long it took me to feel comfortable with the skill. Then I would start with the mats stacked, and every time I went take a panel down until eventually all the mats were gone. Once you start doing the skills more often, your fear will eventually go away. Just stay on the low beam or stacked beam until you feel consistent enough to start pulling the mats away.

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