Photo was taken during dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles. Kristina announced that she was committing to UCLA just before this photo was taken. Pictured Standing: Assistant Coach, Marshall Nelson, Tasha Schwikert, Coach, Valorie Kondos Field (Miss Val), Jordan Schwikert, Kate Richardson. Front Assistant Coach, Chris Waller, Kristina Comforte, Lindsey Vanden Eykel

UCLA mug shot! Jordan, Jalynne, Kristina, Janelle, Tasha, Lori Winn and Lindsey

Lindsey, Jalynne, Kristina, and Janelle smile for the camera!

Kristina and Jordan at lunch at the Olive Garden!

Photo was taken after dinner, outside of the Cheesecake Factory. Lindsey, Jordan, Kristina, Tasha, and Kate.

Kristina and Tasha at lunch at the Olive Garden!

Kristina and Jordan, Women of Westwood!

Kristina and Lindsey at the Rose Bowl before the game against San Diego State.

Kristina and Tasha on the field before the game.

Kristina and Jordan pose for the camera.

Jordan, Kristina and Lindsey take time for a shot!

Next year’s Freshman teammates. Janelle Dantzscher, Kristina, and Jalynne Dantzscher.

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